Is this a breakthrough?

Is this year the breakthrough year when it comes to getting decluttered?

Most of us are drowning. In clutter, that is. And it just keeps getting deeper, doesn’t it? Like most everyone, I’m always making promises about clearing stuff out and making a fresh start. Is 2019 going to be the breakthrough year, I wonder?

If you’re with me on this, you may be interested in a few ideas I’ve just come across one of the best ways to declutter your home. Most people don’t know where to start so here’s what the renowned Lifehack self-improvement website suggests:

  • Start small — one room at a time and just a quarter hour or so for each session. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Start at the top. Begin in the attic or bedrooms and work your way down.
  • Start in the middle of a room. That makes it easier to clear floor space and see progress — to keep you going!
  • Get rid of stuff that’s broken, useless or outdated. Be firm.

You can find the full list of tips here:

Overhead shot of neatly ordered clothes in wooden drawer. Woman organizing clothes in drawer. Photo Credit: ID 136696509 © Carmenmurillo |

While we are still thinking (maybe some are restarting February if January was a bust) about the New Year, Harbor Insurance would like to offer our best wishes for the year ahead. We hope it’s a good one. And please remember  we [Harbor Insurance now Partnered with Acentria ] will be here in 2019 for all your insurance questions and needs!


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