Hiring the perfect job candidate, do it right the first time.

Are you hiring? The perfect job candidate is sitting across from you. They’ve impressed. And they have a great college degree.

But do they? When you’re hiring, especially in a hurry, it’s easy to accept those “course of life” claims from a job candidate that looks promising out of the gate.

Checking a job candidate’s credentials is like taking out insurance — something you do to protect yourself in the future. When you are hiring, be sure you are hiring smart!

Here’s what to do as part of your hiring process. It won’t take long:

>Contact the school to confirm the applicant received the qualifications claimed and request a certified academic transcript (subject to the applicant’s agreement).
>Research the school online to ensure it’s accredited by a legitimate agency. >Also, check the credentials of the accrediting agency because some diploma mills use bogus accreditation.
>Ask the applicant for proof of the degree and accreditation, if you don’t get satisfactory answers from the first two steps.

For more information, particularly on the issue of checking accreditation, is available from http://tinyurl.com/FTC-credentials.

Even if you’re frantically busy, you should also take up prior employment references. Doing so now could save you time and trouble in the future. Hiring smart pays dividends in the long run.

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