A dishonest employee? You can insure against this risk.

A dishonest employee!? You can insure against this risk.

Embezzlement? Theft? Unthinkable! It only happens to other people, right?
Sad, but not true. It can happen to anyone. When it does, it’s almost always a shock. It’s not expected.

It’s my job to protect you, so let me pass on a few tips. Please take a quick moment to review these tips. (Or, at least, save them to read later.) There are warning signs. And things you can do to protect your business. Consider this:

  •  A fancy new car? A luxurious vacation?
  • If an employee has a sudden change in lifestyle, that may be a warning sign. (Or maybe they really did win the lottery!)
  • Showing up to work when nobody is there? Or staying late? It’s possibly a good thing! But experts tell us this might be a warning sign, too.
  • They don’t like you checking on them, when it didn’t bother them before. Watch out for any big changes in behavior.
  • Expensive office supplies or costly promotional gifts go missing.

Hopefully, you’ll never need them, but here’s a full list of 11 warning signs: http://tinyurl.com/11-signs.

Employee dishonesty can seriously damage a business. But you can insure against this risk. Please contact me if you’d like to learn how.

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