Workplace disruptions happen

Some people just don’t get it. They’d rather fight than talk. They’d rather ignore than listen. Workplace disruptions happen; are you prepared?
Have you ever wrestled with this problem in the workplace — the guy or gal who always seems to be in the middle of trouble? What’s the best way to deal with it?

According to mediation specialists, the most important things to do include:

  • Staying calm whether you’re involved or have to intervene — and try to calm others down.
  • Invite those involved to speak in turn and make a real effort to listen so you can understand what the disagreement is about. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute.
  • Look for positives to focus on, or at least things everyone agrees on.
  • Focus on the problem not the individual, and on the future, not the past.
    Avoid pointing the finger of blame.

These ideas came from a great article on a website that bills itself as the world’s leading mediation site. Here it is:

Sadly, sometimes angry employees take revenge on their employer or cause workplace disruptions to fellow employees. This is a real risk but it’s one you can insure against. Give us a call at Harbor Insurance if you’d like to learn more.

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