Home Insurance Checkup

A home insurance checkup should be on your radar at least once a year, if not more. Have you made changes to your home that may affect your home insurance needs? Do you know what all those bold lines on your policy coverage section actually cover and when they need to be updated?

At Harbor Insurance, we have licensed insurance agents ready to answer questions and provide suggestions on coverage you may or may not have considered. A home insurance checkup is just part of our many valuable services that we provide to our new and renewing clients on a frequent basis.

When your home insurance policy accurately reflects the property it is insuring and meant to protect, the home insurance policy is most effective. In order to maintain proper insurance coverage it is imperative to review your coverage on a regular basis with your insurance agent as well as advise your agent when any changes and upgrades are made or when plans to change something are in discussion.

It is important to alert your insurance agent of these and other changes when it comes to properly insuring your property:

  1. Change the occupancy of your home.

    1. Renting your home or leaving your home vacant violates the standard homeowner insurance policy occupancy ratings. Details of any change in occupancy should be reviewed with your insurance agent in order to ensure proper insurance coverage.

  2. Start a home business

    1. Business equipment, business liability and lost income are intricate parts of a business owner policy. Typically your homeowner policy does not provide adequate coverage and in some cases business exposures are simply not covered at all. Speak with an agent to discuss the best way to insure your new business.

  3. Get a high-risk pet

    1. Certain kinds of pets and even specific breeds are considered high risk animals and are not covered under the standard homeowner policy. Most people think they only have to consider certain dog breeds but this also may include farm animals, reptiles and other exotic pets too. An insurance agent can advise you on coverage for these types of animals and situations.

  4. Add a structure to your property, build an addition or remodel your home

    1. Building a new garage, detached in-law suite, porch or even a shed will increase the value of your home. Replacing your roof, updating your kitchen, bathrooms or flooring will increase your homes values which in turn may increases your homeowner insurance value. Speak with your insurance agent about any upgrades, remodeling or additions to ensure your are property covered before the project and once it is complete.

  5. Acquire valuables

    1. Jewelry, fine arts, antiques, collectibles and other high cost items may not be fully insured on your typical homeowner insurance policy. In most cases, these types of items require special coverage and possibly a separate policy in order to insure them to value properly.

When is the last time you have had an insurance checkup ? Speak with a Harbor Insurance agent in our office today. Call (888) 451-8818 or visit harboria.com

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