Don’t do dumb! | Business Insurance Coverage with Harbor Insurance

Have you ever done something in your business activity and then thought, “That was dumb!”? You kick yourself and vow not to do it again. Don’t do dumb!

Well, it turns out we’re doing dumb things more often than we realize. And it’s holding us back. Things like:

  • Avoiding controversy in your business because you don’t want to rock the boat, when you should really go in and tackle it.
  • Poor use of time and failing to prioritize key tasks. Always get the important stuff done first, even when it’s the toughest job.
  • Reluctance to change, when your competitors are ready to get ahead of you. Just because “it ain’t broke” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix it!
  • Organizational silos — you know, those people who stick to doing their own jobs without concern for how they affect others. We need to build good communication between each other.

I came across these tips, and quite a few more in a book by business guru Neil Smith called “How Excellent Companies Avoid Dumb Things”. It makes you think about how we often fail to spot things that are blocking business growth.

The solution, says Smith, is to do a thorough review of your business, focusing on how to simplify things, cut costs and generate new ideas.

Even your insurance coverage should come under the spotlight. How have the risks you face in your business changed in recent years? Are you fully protected against them? Why not give Harbor Insurance a call and arrange for a brief chat to ensure all is as it should be?

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