Wind Mitigation – Why?

Wind Mitigation does that mean I am suing someone?  Why does my agent tell me to get this Mitigation Inspection Done? Homewner’s policy has gone up and now they want me to pay to have this inspection done to save money.  Pay more now pay less later?  I just moved here from Ohio and I have never heard of a Wind Mitigation Form and I can’t believe the cost of homeowners insurance in Florida.

Last Home Standing

Insurance rates are based on the amount of risk an insurer believes it’s taking when covering your home.  There are things homeowners can do to reduce that risk and in 2002 State legislators make insurance companies give wind mitigation credits for those homeowners who provide extra protection to their homes.

Wind Mitigation Inspections check your roof, windows and doors.  These inspections are very detailed right down to the type of nails and the space between them.  An inspection should take 30-40 minutes and involves crawling around the attic and taking pictures. 

Make sure to get a company who has experience doing inspections.  You can ask your agent for a recommendation.  Though an insurance agency has no professional connection to these companies they do have the experience of seeing the completed inspections and will be able to tell you about companies who has assist other insured’s.

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